Friday, June 6, 2008

Now I'm really PISSED

True story - it happened in Harding

15 y-o girl: Hey grandpa! I'll trade you sex for cigarettes

65 y-o pervert: uh.. ok

This is just f*cking sick!!! Sex offenders are the lowest f*cking scum on the face of this earth and the news is full of them lately. In the last week the news reported over 4 incidents where perverts got arrested. What's even more disgusting is that one of the people arrested was a youth pastor from Kingston: a man of the cloth who's supposed to lead and guide our youth in the ways of Jesus Christ. Instead the pervert shoves his d*ck in the very kids that look up to him.


Just when I thought Kingston was close enough to my home there was another story that happened in my home town. The worst thing is that this f*cking *sshole who sexually assaulted a 15 year old girl lives in a home a few feet away from people I know and respect. There are other young kids in that tiny neighborhood. I'm sure they're all shocked to find out that someone like that lives that close to them.

The Times Liberal reported that 65-year-old "Anthony Wayne Gregorio, of Pauline Street, was charged with statutory sexual assault, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, aggravated indecent assault, corruption of minors, indecent assault and endangering the welfare of children."

"The girl told investigators in April that Gregorio purchased cigarettes for her in exchange for sex." hence my recap of their conversation at the top of the page.

"She said the assaults took place mostly on the weekends at Gregorio’s home, police said. Investigators questioned Gregorio in May. He said he knew his relationship with the girl was wrong" Wait a second: RELATIONSHIP?!?!?!?!? The girl is 50 years younger than you. You thought you had a relationship? What kind of sick f*ck are you? Oh wait this pervert's statement gets better:

“It was something that happened." I guess it was not a big deal to you then. I'm glad my kids are grown up so I don't have to kick your *ss whenever I see you.

"I regret what happened and I wish I can take it back,” You're really going to wish you did nothing wrong when you're bleeding our your gaping *sshole in prison.

"According to the complaint, Gregorio claimed to have sex with the girl a few times". How many times is a few with a 15 year old girl? a few too many. Even once is too much.

and said he knew her age, acknowledging it “was against the law.” Officer I knew what I did was wrong. Can you just slap me on the wrists like a county courthouse employee? I promise to never, ever do it again. *wink wink* - ROT IN HELL YOU F*CK.

Hey, this story gets even worse!!! WNEP and WILK reported that this girl was his granddaughter. Here's a warning to you parents: if this sick f*ck can do this to his own flesh and blood don't think he wouldn't think twice about having your kids over for a few Newports.

I congratulate the police for nabbing this guy and Judge Carmody for keeping him locked up since the pervert couldn't afford the bail - maybe he spent too much money on cigarettes and a makeover.

I am dissappointed in WNEP for blurring out this guy's face on their website. the guy f*cked a kid. His face should be plastered all over NEPA so parents all over the area know who he is what he looks like and to keep their kids away from him. And the criminal court system should castrate the f*cker - no lean penalties should be given to pricks like him. A few years in prison won't put parents at relief.

In other news Obama gets the democratic nod reassessment is the luzerne county dems way of getting even with the taxpayers and it will be hazy hot and humid this weekend.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Is politics as usual dying?

After watching last night's pa-10 race it dawned on me. The machine that was once the GOP is proven to be weak and those in control of the republican party are beginning to lose their grip. The voters are beginning to voice their disgust at where the party leaders want the GOP to head.

On the Presidential level we had two strong candidates with a machine behind them: Romni and Guliani. The voters spoke all across the country and both once front runners are now history. The voters were not impressed with who the party wants in office. The party leaders are proven to be out of touch with the voters. Instead of wanting Romni or Guliani as our candidate the voters pushed two 2nd tier candidates to the forefront: Huckabee and McCain. Neither had a machine but got a lot of momentum when they realized that the machine can be broken. Obviously the voters didn't like who the GOP wanted us to choose. If the voters didn't speak up Mike Huckabee would have never had the opportunity presented to him. It just goes to show that the liberal media is wrong AGAIN: the conservative movement is not dead

Here in the 10th we had a very close race between two business owners. Meuser had a machine in place. He had the entire party locked down to the point that the 2nd tier candidate and the two third tier candidates had no other choice but to drop out. The machine in place also put Hackett in a quasi-underdog position. Meuser outspent Hackett. Meuser had more lawn signs in key areas. Meuser bought the party leadership. Hackett still faced the machine and won. In order to do so he had to spend over $600,000 of his own money - something no other candidate in the race could do to compete. I wish Hackett a lot of luck and he's going to need it. even if he doesn't beat Carney he did something for the - according to Obama - disgruntled middle-class voters of PA: he gave us hope that the machine can be beaten.

I may be dreaming but the schism in the party is starting to revive the conservative movement and giving the voters some real options. Maybe one day party leadership can decide to listen to the voters regroup and stick to its traditional conservative roots.

Hillary beats Obama; Ron Paul/Huckabee get votes

No surprise.

I predict that Obama will still come out as the democratic nomination despite Hillary's boring win in PA. I just hope McCain is taking notes on these two nimrods. He's going to need as much fuel as possible to compete.

Like any other conservative I cannot stand McCain and I was not surprised that there were people voting for Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee in protest. I think that in order to win McCain is going to need a strong conservative running mate who people can get behind. Of course he probably won't pick one until he sees what the dems do.

I was right....

For the 10th Congressional District I was right: props to me. I said it was going to be a close race and it was. I didn't know who to throw my vote to.

There were a few issues for me that I was bothered about:
  • Meuser lives in the 11th district and only bought a vacation home in the 10th. Not to paraphrase a former candidate in this race but he didn't seem to represent the values and the economic scale of the people of the 10th. I don't know too many people living in the 10th who can just go ahead and buy a second home worth over $350k.
  • Hackett hired an illegal alien to clean his house.
  • Hackett started slinging mud knowing full well the establishment was on Meuser's side.
  • Meuser's PAC gave money to libs.
  • The list goes on and on - just go ahead and read my posts
Then there was the issue of integrity: Hackett blew the race for the republicans by slinging mud and getting it thrown back in his face. Carney now has more ammo. Meuser was actually the gentleman in the race and I respect him tremendously for it... among other things including the fact that he employs close to a thousand people in the area and he along with his family built that business to where it is now. I spoke to the guy I once endorsed as candidate (Swiderski) and here's what he had to say about Meuser as a businessman:


I know I shouldn't respond to this email because I get a lot of heat for speaking my mind. I know how 'bloggerville' was all over for me saying nice things about Hackett's early mass media advertising, but I like to tell people what's on my mind rather than 'sugar coat' answers or not provide a straight answer. As a candidate I believed that it was best to be front and forward with the people. This is the same philosophy and level of ethics that I built my business on. If a competitor does something worth noting, then I have no problem telling people that the competitor is worth being acknowledged for it. If it costs me business, then so be it. Likewise, in an election, if it cost me votes or the chance to face Chris Carney in an election because I speak my mind then the nomination isn't worth it to me if I can't have rapport with the voters. Either way, I can go to bed at the end of the day knowing full well I'll have a good night's rest - unlike most Washington politicians. My straightforwardness is great for business but makes me a lousy politician :)

With the above being said, I cannot deny that Dan Meuser and his family are great businesspeople. How many people can honestly say they can grow a business 400%+ and sustain it? Pride Mobility is the epitomy of what entrepreneurship is all about. From a business perspective, the Meuser family did what they had to do to successfully grow their enterprise and gainfully employ approx. 1000 people.

I don't know Dan personally and would have liked to have the opportunity to get to know him a bit during the race, so I cannot say anything about his personal values or beliefs. However, the attachment to the Pride PAC was something that - although great for business - could hurt his chances as a republican candidate. Nonetheless, we have two highly qualified
candidates to choose from in this primary. Although I endorsed Chris Hackett, I wish both candidates the best of luck tonight. I will not be ashamed to throw my full support behind the winner of tonight's primary."

I - eddytheangryrepublican - voted for Meuser this election. KAR (AKA Kevin Reynolds), you can lick my *ss whenever you want.

I know people called Swiderski a moron but at least he endorsed the right candidate. Hackett won by a slim margin. I wouldn't put it past Meuser to challenge the votes though.

Hell I didn't vote for Hackett but I gotta admit he's the best we have right now against Carney.
Frankly I think he's the only candidate of the two who could beat him. I have two last things to say:

First - to Chris Hackett - I didn't believe in you even though i beleived in the candidate who endorsed you. Congratulations on the win and for giving us hope for defeating the machine. Make us proud in taking the seat back for the GOP. You have my full support.

Next - to the republican voters of the 10th district - WE cannot allow a lib DC to control our lives and take away our freedoms. Please support Chris Hackett in his run for the 10th. Contact his campaign and get a lawn sign make phone calls canvass neighborhoods do whatever you have to to get this man elected. Our rights and freedoms that we hold dear are at stake.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Get out and VOTE!!!

In case you're living under a rock somewhere today is primary day. I don't give a damn if you're republican or democrat today just as long as you go into the polls with an informed mind. If you're going to vote for someone just because of their gender or color or whether they're the better looking candidate stay the f*ck out of the polls you moron. Vote the issues. Vote for the candidate who best represents your interests and ideals.

Or in the case of the two hottest contests today vote for the lesser of two evils.

The republican Presidential race is locked down but some Ron Paul supporters still show their support. In my opinion why bother? The democratic primary is definitely one where you have the choice of the lesser two evils. Do you want the rich bitch who will raise taxes or the guy who can't salute the flag and will raise taxes? Tough choice. Either way a $15 billion tax increase is coming. My take is that Hillary will win PA but Obama will take the nomination at the end of the day - the first since Kennedy to win the Democratic nomination without winning the keystone state.

Who's going to try to oust Carney? Hackett or Meuser? I'm still undecided on this one. Hackett shows himself to be weak on illegal immigration by not deporting senorita housekeeper. Hackett also showed himself to get a little raunchy by attacking Meuser's record of giving to dems. On the other hand Hackett shows he's not afraid to play the game to win. Meuser still doesn't live in the district and this is an issue for me. He gave money to some libs and this is an issue for me. On the other hand he did make an honest attempt at sticking to the issues at hand and showed himself to be a true gentleman during the primary race. I also think that Meuser has a better machine in place. This one is too close to call: Hackett's tactics are either going to make him squeak by past Meuser or Meuser will win by a 5-4 margin. I am not voting for either candidate.

Oh yeah there is another smaller race - James May vs. Boback. I'm rooting for May.

I'm heading out to vote now.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

What the ____?

I found this story on

"A Venezuelan TV channel, under the watchful eye of President Hugo Chavez, has yanked "The Simpsons" off the air after a government agency ruled it may be inappropriate for children...

Televen TV station spokeswoman Elba Guillen said Monday that the decision to hand over the daily 11 a.m. time slot came after the state National Telecommunications Commission said it had received complaints from viewers.

"It had to be taken off," Guillen said. "They consider it to be a series that isn't appropriate for that time because it isn't appropriate for children."

OK I agree with the fact that the Simpsons aren't actually suitable for children so let's replace the time slot with some programming that young children can get something out of. I flipped through the stations on my TV to see what kind of appropriate kid shows were on here in the US around 11 AM. Here's what I found:

Barney - the purple dinosaur that instills traditional values in preschoolers

Ni Hau, Kai-lan - a cutsie show for preschoolers that teaches kids a few Chinese words - not very useful in Venezuela

Oswald - a little boring and mind-numbing show about an octopus and his dog weenie. I don't get the show but then again its not aimed at my age group. I did a little research and found that Oswald is for kids under the age of 3.

Sponge Bob - Are you ready kids!!! This show is as pointless as wiping your *ss before you take a crap. I'd rather the simpsons.

So, what did Hugo Chavez replace the Simpsons with? Was it with one of these wholesome kid shows?

NO!!!! They took the Simpsons off the air because it was inappropriate for children and replaced it with "Baywatch," which features bikini-clad bombshells and muscle-bound hunks working as lifeguards on the Hawaiian coast, has been running in the 11 a.m. slot since Friday."

Hugo Chavez great move!!! Let's remove programming that is unsuitable for toddlers and replace it with Baywatch!!! Can someone please explain to me how Baywatch qualifies as quality children's programming?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Como se dice "Hackett is a hypocryte" en Espanol?

In case you're living under a rock Hackett started digging up some dirt on his opponents and found that Damn Meuser hired some illegal aliens eons ago. This is starting to sound like a Hillary Clinton tactic. Dig up dirt from something that happened 13 years ago when you yourself are guilty of doing the same.

Damn Meuser decides to fire back after finding out that Senor Hackett hired a little housekeeper - the stereotype of hiring a young sexy little Latino lolita lingers in the back of my mind. RRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

ANTI-SLANDER COMMENT: This may not be the case but the Cialis is kicking in.

Grab the shovel Chris 'cause guess what! You're digging yourself a bigger hole for yourself. First you f*ck up any chances of getting the GOP seat back in the 10th and now you're trying to over-explain yourself. There's a fine line between coming clean and burying yourself in sh*t.

Hackett claims to have done nothing wrong by allegedly mistakingly hiring a lolita and firing her once she admitted she was an illegal alien. According to ICE officials Chris Hackett did exactly what he was supposed to do: fire her. Here's where the hypocracy exists: Chris Hackett says he takes a strong stance on illegal immigration. So why the f*ck didn't the deuschebag report her to ICE? His excuse was that he didn't want to violate her humanitarian rights and that he didn't feel he was required to report her. Granted the guy wasn't supposed to report her but you can't say that you take a strong stance on illegal immigration by letting her roam free to scrub someone else's floors in a cute little maid outfit on her hands and knees and wait around for the libs to give her amnesty. Here's a guy who's claiming to run on a platform to be part of a solution not part of the problem. By failing to report her to ICE he is allowing a broken system to work. Doesn't sound like much of a guy who's trying to be part of a solution to me. If he were really strong on illegal immigration he would have had her *ss deported.

Mr. Hackett will tell you that it's not the people's job to act as policemen after reading the above paragraph criticizing his actions or lack thereof. Uhmm... Chris you're not acting as a policeman by reporting her to ICE any more or any less than if you were to call the police if you saw someone breaking into your neighbor's house. You would be just informing the proper authorities to investigate and leave the matter in their own hands. WAY TO GO CHRIS!!!

This Gets Better Yet!!!
OneSource got investigated for hiring illegals many times!!!
Hackett's claim is that employees provided false identification and that the people who "probably" illegal aliens were hired unknowingly. I don't know much about this area but I'm sure there's gotta be a way that a temp agency can verify SSNs so before writing this I relied on someone who knows more about business than I do. I asked Paul Swiderski (you know the guy who dropped out of the race?) if employers can check employees' social security numbers. Here's what he said:


Any employer can verify the Social Security Number of new hires, as well as existing employees, by using the Social Security Administration’s Social Security Number Verification Service (SSNVS) or the Dept. of Homeland Security’s e-Verify service. Both programs are free. To verify legal working status, you need to use the Dept. of Homeland Security’s e-Verify system. I don’t know a lot about the latter program but know that it is available. Links to each program are below:

I know a lot more about the SSNVS program. I strongly advise my small business clients, particularly new employers, to take advantage of this service in an effort to avoid any problems with quarterly/annual payroll tax return filings. All new employers whom I do business with are provided with a booklet that details information on their compliance and tax responsibilities as employers. Directions on how to access the database are provided in this booklet.

There are two methods in which an employer can verify SSNs:

  • “Verify up to 10 names and SSNs (per screen) online and receive immediate results. This option is ideal to verify new hires.
  • Upload overnight files of up to 250,000 names and SSNs and usually receive results the next government business day. This option is ideal if you want to verify an entire payroll database or if you hire a large number of workers at a time (SSA, 2008).”

The intent of the database is only to verify an employee’s SSN for tax purposes. It is not meant to be used for the purposes of conducting a witch hunt on your employees. The SSA strictly prohibits an employer from

“taking punitive action against an employee whose name and Social Security number do not match Social Security's records… A mismatch does not make any statement about an employee's immigration status and is not a basis, in and of itself, for taking any adverse action against an employee. Doing so could subject you to anti-discrimination or labor law sanctions” (SSA, 2008, par. 2).

SSA, 2008, Information and Instructions [for use of SSNVS]. Retrieved April 7, 2008 from:

I hope that this information helps, and if you have any questions feel free to contact me.


Paul R. Swiderski, MBA



Here's my take: Hackett should've done a better job at verifying SSNs with at OneSource and he should've taken a tougher stance with his lolita.