Friday, June 6, 2008

Now I'm really PISSED

True story - it happened in Harding

15 y-o girl: Hey grandpa! I'll trade you sex for cigarettes

65 y-o pervert: uh.. ok

This is just f*cking sick!!! Sex offenders are the lowest f*cking scum on the face of this earth and the news is full of them lately. In the last week the news reported over 4 incidents where perverts got arrested. What's even more disgusting is that one of the people arrested was a youth pastor from Kingston: a man of the cloth who's supposed to lead and guide our youth in the ways of Jesus Christ. Instead the pervert shoves his d*ck in the very kids that look up to him.


Just when I thought Kingston was close enough to my home there was another story that happened in my home town. The worst thing is that this f*cking *sshole who sexually assaulted a 15 year old girl lives in a home a few feet away from people I know and respect. There are other young kids in that tiny neighborhood. I'm sure they're all shocked to find out that someone like that lives that close to them.

The Times Liberal reported that 65-year-old "Anthony Wayne Gregorio, of Pauline Street, was charged with statutory sexual assault, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, aggravated indecent assault, corruption of minors, indecent assault and endangering the welfare of children."

"The girl told investigators in April that Gregorio purchased cigarettes for her in exchange for sex." hence my recap of their conversation at the top of the page.

"She said the assaults took place mostly on the weekends at Gregorio’s home, police said. Investigators questioned Gregorio in May. He said he knew his relationship with the girl was wrong" Wait a second: RELATIONSHIP?!?!?!?!? The girl is 50 years younger than you. You thought you had a relationship? What kind of sick f*ck are you? Oh wait this pervert's statement gets better:

“It was something that happened." I guess it was not a big deal to you then. I'm glad my kids are grown up so I don't have to kick your *ss whenever I see you.

"I regret what happened and I wish I can take it back,” You're really going to wish you did nothing wrong when you're bleeding our your gaping *sshole in prison.

"According to the complaint, Gregorio claimed to have sex with the girl a few times". How many times is a few with a 15 year old girl? a few too many. Even once is too much.

and said he knew her age, acknowledging it “was against the law.” Officer I knew what I did was wrong. Can you just slap me on the wrists like a county courthouse employee? I promise to never, ever do it again. *wink wink* - ROT IN HELL YOU F*CK.

Hey, this story gets even worse!!! WNEP and WILK reported that this girl was his granddaughter. Here's a warning to you parents: if this sick f*ck can do this to his own flesh and blood don't think he wouldn't think twice about having your kids over for a few Newports.

I congratulate the police for nabbing this guy and Judge Carmody for keeping him locked up since the pervert couldn't afford the bail - maybe he spent too much money on cigarettes and a makeover.

I am dissappointed in WNEP for blurring out this guy's face on their website. the guy f*cked a kid. His face should be plastered all over NEPA so parents all over the area know who he is what he looks like and to keep their kids away from him. And the criminal court system should castrate the f*cker - no lean penalties should be given to pricks like him. A few years in prison won't put parents at relief.

In other news Obama gets the democratic nod reassessment is the luzerne county dems way of getting even with the taxpayers and it will be hazy hot and humid this weekend.

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